Punjab to launch crackdown on overcharging at parking stands

Lahore   -  In response to directives from Provincial Minister for Information and Local Government Punjab, Amir Mir, action has been initiated against the practice of overcharging at parking stands. To implement this directive, the Chief Executive Officer of Lahore Parking Company has issued orders to all approved parking stands, urging them to adhere to the prescribed parking fees.

As per the instructions of Local Government Minister Amir Mir, a stern warning has been issued to the personnel of all parking facilities operating under the Lahore Parking Company. It has been emphasized that legal measures will be taken against those found guilty of charging amounts exceeding the stipulated parking fees.

Local Government Minister Amir Mir explained that the decision to take action against these parking facilities was prompted by continuous complaints of overcharging. In this context, after receiving complaints regarding excessive fees at the parking stand of Haveli Hotel situated in Walled City Lahore, appropriate disciplinary action has been taken against the responsible individuals, subsequent to the confirmation of overcharging at the mentioned parking stand. As a result, Sher Rehman Khan, who was in charge of the parking stand at Haveli Hotel, has been suspended.

Amir Mir expressed that the Punjab government is resolutely dedicated to eradicating corruption within local departments.

“The primary objective of the government is to eliminate corrupt practices from public service sectors. Charging fees that surpass the established parking rates is unequivocally deemed as a corrupt practice. Parking stands located in commercial and recreational areas play a crucial role in maintaining the smooth flow of traffic on roads.

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