Ulema call for peace in Muharram

LAHORE    -   Religious leaders from various school of thoughts have called for strict adherence to the Paigham-e-Pakistan Code of Conduct to promote peace and religious harmony during Muharram-ul-Haram, aiming to combat extremism, terrorism, and intolerance in the country. In a joint press conference held in Gujranwala on Monday, prominent figures such as Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi, Chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council and President of the International Interfaith Council, Deputy Commissioner Gujranwala Tariq Mehmood Qureshi, SSP Rizwan Tariq, ADCG Shabbir Hussein Butt, along with various leading Ulema, emphasized their commitment to this cause. According to a press release issued here, key resolutions of code of conduct are: Eradicate sectarian violence: Sectarian antagonism, violence, and forced imposition of ideologies are against Islamic Shariah and national law. Religious scholars refute extremist mindsets and emphasize peaceful coexistence. Upholding the sanctity of prophets, companions, caliphs, and wives of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is mandatory.

Only the state has the authority to declare someone an infidel (Takfir). Non-Muslims have the right to worship and practice their rituals freely. It is impermissible to harm peaceful non-Muslims; violators will be punished by the state. Women’s rights, including inheritance and education, must be respected. Citizens are allowed to hold religious gatherings during Muharram and Safar, vigilance against enemies’ conspiracies during religious observances, religious leaders should promote unity and identify miscreants, leaders should educate their followers and avoid targeting other sects, media should highlight the Paigham-e-Pakistan Code and report any sectarian content, the Ulema-Mashaikh pledged full cooperation with law enforcement and government agencies to uphold these principles, aiming for national stability and prosperity through a unified policy against extremism and terrorism.

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