Wheelchair Tennis Coaching Camp concludes at KPT Sports Complex

LAHORE   -   The long-duration Wheelchair Tennis Coaching Camp at the KPT Sports Complex in Karachi has successfully concluded. Over 30 physically challenged athletes participated in the camp, organized by the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) under the auspices of the International Tennis Federation (ITF). The coordinators for the camp were Salman Karim Mughal and Waseem Baloch. In a significant environmental initiative, members of the STA Environment Committee, along with wheelchair users, planted trees within the complex.  Notable figures involved in this effort included Raeesa Ashfaq, Mohammad Khalid Rehmani, Salman Karim Mughal, and several wheelchair players. Raeesa Ashfaq encouraged all wheelchair users to contribute positively to their community by planting a tree.   Mohammad Khalid Rehmani expressed gratitude towards Major Mahmood, the manager of the KPT Sports Complex, for his continuous support of wheelchair activities. He also announced plans to hold another long-duration Wheelchair Tennis Coaching Camp at the same venue later this year.

This initiative not only fostered sports development among disabled athletes but also promoted environmental responsibility, highlighting the multifaceted impact of sports programs.