Italian Cuisine Week concludes

ISLAMABAD  -  Italian Cuisine Week’ and Olive Gala Festival hosted by the embassy of Italian in Pakistan has concluded. The global event, observed simultaneously by Italian embassies worldwide, aimed to promote awareness and appreciation of Italy’s culinary excellence. Ambassador Andreas Ferrarese, the Italian envoy to Pakistan inaugurated the ‘Italian Cuisine Week’ last week. The event featured a showcase of unique recipes, highlighting the diverse and flavourful dishes from Italy. The festival attracted a diverse audience, including diplomats, government officials, families, and the general public, who savoured the delectable offerings throughout the week.

The ambassador warmly welcomed the visitors and guests. Italy is actively seeking UNESCO recognition for its cuisine as an Intangible Cultural Heritage element. The ambassador that Italian cuisine had its roots as a local phenomenon, it had transcended borders and become a global culinary treasure. He said that Italian restaurants could be found in virtually every city worldwide, illustrating the cuisine’s universal appeal. The ambassador highlighted the significance of olive oil in Italian cuisine, describing it as a ubiquitous element in their dishes. He expressed a desire to share the joy that this essential ingredient brings, particularly in Pakistan. Additionally, he emphasized Italy’s diverse array of fish, envisioning the global spread of this source of happiness.

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