Govt accepts all demands to retain PPP support

LAHORE   -  The government yesterday accepted all the demands of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) regarding the concerns related to development funds and share in the governmental committees in Punjab. In this regard, the power-sharing formula between the PML-N and PPP has been made public.

As per details, PPP would be given development funds while the party would also be accommodated at key administrative offices in Punjab. The PML-N would get some power in all districts of Sindh obviously without becoming a part of the cabinet. It should be noted here that the PPP demands have also emerged in the agreement. The PPP have asked for a share in the governmental departments while also demanding representation in the market committees, zakat committees and Bait-Ul-Maal committees.

Meanwhile, the PPP have also claimed share in the development fund and projects while also put forward its points to take the notice of its concerns regarding the transfer and posting in Punjab.

The dialogue committees of both parties met in Islamabad. From the PPP, Raja Parvez Ashraf, Ali Haider Gillani and Hassan Murtaza participated while Malik Ahmed Khan, Rana Sanaullah and Khawaja Saad Raffique joined the session from the PML-N side.

Earlier, the dialogue between PML-N and PPP had proven successful.

The PPP conveyed a positive signal by participating in the budget session while the PML-N has also assured it of alleviating its concerns.

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