Maryam terms Nawaz panacea to Pakistan’s woes

PML-N Senior Vice President says more powerful Nawaz returning to Pakistan n He left accountability of his tormentors to Almighty Allah.


LAHORE  -  Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Sunday launched its political campaign with public gathering in Lahore to pave the way for Nawaz Sharif’s return by mobilising political workers through a series of rallies across the province. In this regard PML-N held a political demon­stration organised by the PML-N Youth Volunteers in the Nation­al Assembly constituency NA-123 (Shahdara). A large number of PML-N workers and support­ers attended the gathering with great zeal.

Terming the former prime minister solution to all woes faced by the country, PML-N’s Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz said a more powerful Nawaz Sharif would return to country on October 21.

Maryam insisted that the PML-N supremo was coming back to steer the country out of all kinds of crises. “He will start a new era of progress, peace and employment for the youth and rid [the nation] of inflation.”

Nawaz will restore the coun­try’s fragile economy and elim­inate the menace of terrorism, she also said. “People will prove on October 21 that only Nawaz Sharif is the leader.”

Maryam further said that the PML-N’s aim was the welfare of people and correcting the sys­tem. “There will be only ru­ins in Pakistan if the develop­ment done by Nawaz Sharif is removed,” she added. Maryam said: “An individual is not re­turning on October 21 but the country’s progress and peace.”

At the same time, she urged the people to welcome their leader at Minar-e-Pakistan, La­hore. “Several attempts were made to eliminate Nawaz Shar­if,” she said, adding that he left accountability of his tormentors to Almighty Allah.

Those who claimed Nawaz’s politics had over were now see­ing that he was coming back, she added. Maryam said on Sun­day that Nawaz Sjharif’s return would lead to a journey of de­velopment. Maryam empha­sised that the PML-N leader was returning to help the nation. She added that Nawaz would strengthen the nation’s ailing economy and put an end to the threat of terrorism. On October 21, the populace would demon­strate that Nawaz Sharif was the only leader.

She said, “Those responsi­ble for his previous expulsions are now being held as exam­ples, and the people of Pakistan are eagerly preparing to receive him back.” Ms Nawaz reiterated that Nawaz Sharif was return­ing with revived strength. “Oc­tober 21 symbolizes hope, de­velopment, peace, employment, and the potential end of infla­tion in Pakistan,” she added.

She acknowledged the chal­lenges he faced including polit­ical rivalries, false charges, and detention, which tave taken a toll on his political career. 

Maryam mocked the political rival PTI and said the person who stalled the development pace of the country was lying in the trash today while Nawaz is returning with great honour. She said regardless of the per­secution and difficulties faced by the PML-N, its workers and leaders did not leave the par­ty and stood firm with Nawaz in the darkest hour while on the other hand, PTI leaders could not bear half of the per­secutions that PML-N faced and abandoned the party. Maryam said the one who eradicated in­flation, load shedding, unem­ployment and terrorism from the country and who heals the wounds of the poor is about to return to Pakistan.

On the other hand party lead­ers and workers looked excit­ed to see their leadership. Hun­dreds of chairs were placed for the procession and party songs were played on loud sound sys­tem. PML-N activists chant­ed slogans in favour of PML-N chief and three-time former prime minister Nawaz. The par­ty workers vehemently wel­comed Maryam by chanting slo­gans and waving party flags in their hands. The workers show­ered rose patels as Maryam ap­peared on the stage. 

Speaking to The Nation a lo­cal resident and PML-N work­er Abdul Ghani expressed his sentiments regarding return of PML-N supremo and said Nawaz’s return will ignite the new spirit among party ranks and workers. Ghani asserted that Nawaz would end inflation and provide employment op­portunities to the people as he did in his previous government.

Another PML-N worker Ramzan told The Nation that he couldn’t wait to welcome his leader after the absence of al­most four long years. Ramzan further added that he was eager to see his leader back in power so that he once again put Pakistan on the path of progress and pros­perity. In connection with return of PML-N leader Nawaz Shar­if, his party has started prepara­tions to welcome its leader, and in this regard rallies will be held in various cities of Punjab.

Last month, former prime minister Shehbaz Sharif had revealed the date for his elder brother’s homecoming. “Nawaz Sharif will reach Pakistan on October 21.” However, specula­tions started doing rounds on social media and mainstream media about Nawaz’s return after the Supreme Court or­dered to restore corruption cas­es against political bigwigs on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s petition challenging the amendments made to the country’s account­ability laws. Ex-PM Nawaz, for­mer president Asif Ali Zardari and former premier Yousuf Raza Gillani are likely to face in­quiries after the apex court in a 2-1 verdict struck down some of the amendments made to the accountability laws.

Later, the PML-N president clar­ified that there was no change in the party’s supremo’s homecom­ing plan. The former ruling par­ty, after in-depth discussions, de­clared that Nawaz is ready to face “all kinds of circumstances” upon return as per the schedule. Nawaz has been in self-imposed exile in London since November 2019 owing to health reasons. He was disqualified for life in 2017 by the Supreme Court for not declar­ing a receivable salary. The PML-N through its legal team would ap­proach the Lahore High Court (LHC) for Nawaz’s bail before he lands in Pakistan. The decision was taken to avoid Nawaz’s arrest at Lahore airport because he was declared a proclaimed offend­er. Last month, the Election Com­mission of Pakistan (ECP) had an­nounced that general elections in the country would take place by the last week of January 2024.


Heading a meeting of the PML-N’s youth volunteers regard­ing reception of PML-N’s supre­mo, party’s Chief Organiser and Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz claimed on Sunday that Nawaz Sharif would restore Pa­kistan’s economy and end terror­ism after his return to the coun­try. She lauded the enthusiasm of the youth volunteers. “On Octo­ber 21, the people will prove that the leader is only Nawaz Sharif who is coming to take Pakistan out of crises due to his vision and passion to serve the country,” she highlighted. “The reform of the system and the welfare of the people is the goal of Nawaz Shar­if and he will save the people from inflation with the PML-N to start a new era of employment, peace and development for the youth and workers,” she main­tained. On this occasion, the par­ticipants of the meeting said that they would warmly welcome their leader Nawaz Sharif on Oc­tober 21, along with their chil­dren and families.

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