Imran refuses to surrender to MPAs blackmail; will dissolve KP Assembly if necessary

ISLAMABAD/PESHAWAR- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has made it clear his party's government in KP will prefer dissolving the provincial assembly instead of being blackmailed by its MPAs.

He said, "We will conduct a re-election in Khyber Pakhutunkhwa but will not budge to forward block's blackmailing." Speaking to journalists today, he said that it was right of the forward block to express their reservations and the party would try to address their grievances but nobody could blackmail him to get ministries. He added that instead of bowing to blackmailing, the party will break the assembly to hold
re-elections if necessary.

Khan said that the KP government was ready to conduct local bodies election on April 30, 2014 and the PTI had offered the Election Commission to start its pilot project of biometric and electronic system in the province. He lamented that there was a free media and judiciary in Pakistan but no independent election commission. He said that those who came into power by rigging elections can neither eliminate corruption, nor bring revolution. "Those who've come to power through 'number-two' (illegitimate) elections are a big obstacle," he said. "Those who rigged elections should be punished."

Imran Khan called for action against presiding officers involved in poll rigging. Meanwhile, the group of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf disgruntled MPAs have submitted their resignations to the Deputy Speaker of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly before leaving for Islamabad to meet Imran Khan. Javed Nasim, a PTI MPA, told a TV channel today that the group of 14 members had submitted their resignations and took oath on the Holy Quran to remain united.

He claimed that the disgruntled group comprised 14 members including Deputy Speaker Shahid Qureshi, Qurban Ali, Javed Nasim, Arbab Jehandad, Mehmood Khan, Idrees Khan, Gul Shab Khattak, Shah Muhammad, Shah Faisal, Ziaullah Bangash, Doctor Amjad, Azizullah Jan, Zahid Durrani and Sardar Idrees. He said that the agenda of the group's meeting with Imran Khan was sacking of corrupt ministers from provincial cabinet, implementation of PTI manifesto and an end to meddling of irrelevant people in government affairs. Imran Khan reiterated his appeal to conduct voters' verification in four constituencies, demanding corrupt presiding officers be sent to prison.