11-year-old boy creates military grade drone

KARACHI: The sheer talent that the youth of Pakistan posses is nothing short of amazing, especially when it comes to modern technology.

Meet Bilal Ahmed, the 11-year-old boy is another prodigy which has built his very own drone at the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Karachi. And it does not stop here; Bilal has also built a number of robots on multiple platforms. The kid wants to develop a Bionic Suit, which is a sort of an external robotic suit that enable people to do more work but using less effort and power, even helping paralysed people walk again.

Coming to the drone, as per details released by TechNet Microsoft’s blog, the drone is made up of aluminium that has a camera attached to take photos and videos. Bilal converted a QR X350 drone into a military standard drone that can achieve heights of up to 1500 feet.

In addition to this, the drone can take off and land automatically, backed by an in-built GPS, whereas, Live telemetry data and graphs can be viewed on a radio controller for post flight checks. According to report, being skilful with technology at such a tender age, it was first discovered by his father, who then contacted Ozair Belal, from Developer Experience and Evangelism (DX) at the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Karachi to support Bilal.

“After interviewing Bilal to evaluate his technical skills and knowledge it was evident that boy had the potential to do great things,” said Ozair.

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