Karachi Mayor inspects different parts of city after rain

Says continuous monitoring of all major drains in Karachi will be maintained

KARACHI   -  Mayor Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab on Tuesday visited different parts of the city after the rain. He observed that despite the rain, the situation remained under control in various areas, and the process of drainage through storm-water drains continued smoothly.

He assured that if further rains occur, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) will continue its efforts in collaboration with other civic bodies to ensure that citizens do not face difficulties during the monsoon season.  Murtaza Wahab mentioned that some areas of Karachi received more rain than others, and according to the Meteorological Department’s forecast, more rainfall is expected.

However, the KMC has completed prior arrangements to manage these rains effectively. The ongoing process of cleaning storm-water drains has resulted in normal flow according to the usual conditions, especially due to the elimination of choking points, thereby minimizing hindrances in drainage of rainwater. Continuous monitoring of all major drains in Karachi will be maintained, and all relevant departments are actively engaged in this process, he said.

The Mayor Karachi further stated that officers and staff of the Master Control Room (MCR) remained present on all major roads during the rainfall, and will continue to be on duty during future rains to promptly respond to any emergencies.  He added that necessary equipment, including pumps and machinery, has been deployed to areas prone to issues with rainwater drainage, with additional resources available as needed.

The Mayor emphasized that, like the previous rains, this time the Deputy Commissioners and other district municipal authorities are actively working to provide relief to citizens during the monsoon season.  He personally oversees the situation of rainwater drainage during rainfall and maintains constant coordination with the town administration to ensure all tasks are executed through collaborative wisdom.