Food crisis looms large as flour millers go on strike across country

A number of flour mills were eventually shut down on Thursday for an indefinite period in various parts of the country after the government failed to redress concerns of the Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) regarding imposition of withholding tax on the commodity.  

According to the PFMA, more than 1,500 flour mills across country have halted wheat washing and flour supply after the recent announcement of observing strike. The PFMA demands withdrawal of withholding tax on the flour. 

It further said small scale flour dealers were also joining the chorus of millers in lodging their protest against the government. 

In line with PFA's orders, as many as 73 flour mills in Gujranwala and more than 60 mills in Multan ceased their operations. 

The PFMA spokesperson said the closure of flour mills would result in suspension of supply of 200,000 flour bags a day. 

Besides, millers in Faisalabad, Khushab, Peshawar and Quetta complied with instructions of the PFMA by locking their mills.