4 gamblers arrested in Rawalpindi  

RAWALPINDI -  Rawalpindi police on Thursday arrested four gamblers besides recovering bet money and other items from their possession, in a crackdown against the anti-social elements.

According to police spokesman, Waris Khan Police had received information that some people were gambling while playing cards in the area.  

The police arrested the gamblers identified as Abdullah, Yasir Ali, Abdul Rehman alias Mani and Muhammad Shajeel. 

Police recovered stake money and other items from their possession. A case has been registered against the accused while further investigation is underway.

Meanwhile, police in a crackdown on Thursday against anti-social elements conducted raids in different areas and rounded up seven persons besides recovering 5800 grams drugs, eight bottles of liquor and other items from their possession. 

According to the police spokesman, Sadiqabad police held Aqib Ali with 2400 grams drugs and Muhammad Awais for having 2400 grams drugs.

Taxila, Sadiqabad, Jatli and Kalar Syedan police held Usama Shahzad with 600 grams drugs, Alhart Masih with 120 grams drugs, Ahsan Khursheed with 280 grams drugs, Muhammad Afraz for having two bottles of liquor and Shakeel for carrying six liquor bottles. 

Separate cases have been registered against all the accused while further investigations were underway, he added. 

Division Superintendents of Police appreciated police teams and directed them to continue operations against lawbreakers.