Speaker KP PA chairs meeting to address people’s issues

MANSEHRA    -    To resolve local issues and enhancing the quality of life for the residents of district Mansehra a meeting was held under the chairmanship Speaker KP assembly Babar Saleem Swati at the Circuit House Mansehra.

Addressing the participants, KP Speaker highlighted the primary objective of the meeting to foster harmony between departments and political leadership, enabling collaborative efforts on public welfare projects and resolving citizen issues.

Swati remarked that new political governments often struggle to achieve immediate harmony with various departments, resulting in adverse effects on the public. He emphasised the collective commitment to fulfil responsibilities with utmost honesty.

He praised the officers and officials present, commending those who prioritise public service and have abandoned outdated traditions. He acknowledged the influx of tourists to Mansehra and urged the district police and administration to ensure that all facilities are provided to tourists.

Furthermore, Swati directed the Mansehra Tehsil Municipality to designate specific points for parking and street vendors to facilitate both vendors and the public.

He also stressed the need to resolve issues related to the Rescue 1122 building and emergency vehicle points, recruit under the deceased quota in the Education Department and TMA, activate the Minerals Department to increase revenue, and strengthen the capacity and service framework of Public Health, Irrigation Department and other departments.