Jodie Foster makes surprising confession about acting

LONDON   -   Jodie Foster made a startling admission in a candid interview with Jodie Comer for Interview magazine. Despite her famous acting career, she never really had a passion for acting. Academy Award-winning actress acknowledged that her true passion is filmmaking and that she doesn’t have the natural aptitude for acting.  “I just got stuck in it when I was three,” she explained. “I probably would’ve been a lawyer or a college professor. It’s just not my way. So I loved the technical sides of filmmaking, but I never fell in love with the acting part. It was against my nature, and I think has made me a richer person because of it.”  The True Detective actress noted that she used to distance herself from her co-stars on set, but that she has learned a lot about herself throughout her now decades-long acting career. “I’ve always made movies by myself, where it was just about my character, and I didn’t have to deal with the other actors. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to understand that was selfish of me, jealously guarding something that I didn’t want to share,” Foster told Comer. “Now I’m learning to enter in and say, ‘How are we together and dynamic?’ Instead of it all being about me. It has been so interesting because now I meet all these actors that do everything differently.”  With regard to the filmmaking aspect of the business, the star of Panic Room, who has helmed films like Money Monster and Home for the Holidays multiple times, acknowledged that her approach as a director is unique.  “When I direct, I love to talk, so I talk to people about the techniques, but I don’t like to get inside an actor’s body, because I think that’s invasive,” she explained. “Tell me, ‘Faster, slower.’ Tell me, ‘I didn’t feel that part,’ but don’t talk about my childhood, and don’t try and be one with me.”

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