Sadia Faisal sees women's role in rising divorce rates

Actor Sadia Faisal has sparked controversy by attributing increase in divorce rates to women.

Appearing on a podcast, Sadia shed light on dynamics of marriage in contemporary society.

She emphasised that despite the evolving societal norms, the core traditions of Pakistani culture remain steadfast and significant.

She delved into the topic of rising divorce rates in Pakistan.

“I think women have become more intolerant. They are more career-oriented now.

“When women earn more than men, their expectations increase. Thank God I have not changed like this.”

Sadia suggested that as women become more self-sufficient, their tolerance levels decrease.

According to her, this decline in tolerance leads to a lack of compromise. This, she believes, is a primary reason for the uptick in divorce rates.

She elaborated that women’s financial independence often results in an inflated sense of self. According to her, it makes it difficult for marriages to thrive.

The actress expressed concern over the changing dynamics within marriages.

She highlighted that the balance of power and the willingness to compromise are crucial for the longevity of a marital relationship.

Sadia’s comments sparked a conversation about the balance between traditional values and modern independence.

A user said: “The divorce rate has increased because women now understand that relationships require mutual effort.”

“While women make compromises, men often don’t, as they are not raised to do so. This is where marriages tend to fail.”

Another added: “Wrong. It is because women finally realise their worth and now exercise their Islamic rights.”

One said: “Another entitled privileged woman telling other women to be oppressed in the name of compromise.”

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