Annual ‘Earth Hour’ observed in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD    -     Like other parts of the world, the annual ‘Earth Hour’ ob­served in Pakistan on Satur­day night under the theme “60 minutes for the planet”. The “Earth Hour” was celebrat­ed by keeping the lights off, in all government and domes­tic buildings including Parlia­ment House, Supreme Court, President House, Prime Min­ister House, Cabinet Division, Pakistan Television Headquar­ters in the federal capital. The lights of all public and private buildings were kept off from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Hous­es located in all sectors of the city also participated in the ‘Earth Hour’, by switching off the lights for one hour. Today, Pakistan became part of the Earth Hour campaign along with the international commu­nity, to demonstrate its com­mitment to climate change ac­tion. Million of people across the globe observe the day by switching off lights for just one hour. A large number of people around the world can reduce carbon emissions by turn­ing off unnecessary lights and electronic devices for one hour to celebrate Earth Hour to pro­tect the environment. United Nations Secretary-General An­tonio Guterres appealed that all the lights be turned off for one hour tonight at 8pm. Un­der Earth Hour, environmen­tal action would be taken on a large scale, he said.“We all have to play our role in climate ac­tion. I appeal to all the citizens of the world wherever they are to turn off their lights for one hour at 8 pm local time,” he said. It is pertinent to mention here that Earth Hour is cele­brated on the night of the last week of March every year by the United Nations throughout the world, including Pakistan, with the aim of inviting people to think about the negative ef­fects of pollution and other fac­tors on the environment.

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