Eid in Gaza

Millions performed Hajj, and millions across the Muslim world celebrated Eid al-Adha. The remaining are celebrating today. The area around Al Aqsa Mosque remained restricted as Israel continued to attack Palestinian Muslims. An Eid among the ruins – the festival of sacrifice becomes a somber day for the Muslims in the besieged enclave. The ceasefire was only lip service, and Israel continues to lie, blaming Hamas for not taking the offer. Its strongest backer, the United States, pushes the genocide.

The resolution passed by the UN Security Council sparked hope, but hostilities have not ended. Israel continues to bomb makeshift camps where Palestinians marked Eid with heavy hearts and the scars of lost lives. The G7 leaders met in Italy, but their coming together further highlights the global failure to protect Palestinians and end Israel’s unprovoked aggression that knows no bounds. As Muslims celebrate Eid, they remember their Palestinian sisters and brothers in an act of solidarity. Palestinian Muslims are being remembered in prayers while the Muslim world marks the Great Sacrifice of all time – the tradition of Ibrahim (AS). Gathered for Eid prayers amidst the rubble, Israeli airstrikes continued in the west of Rafah. All the countries, especially the US, that warned Israel against the ground invasion of Rafah now stare helplessly as it advances. The day of Eid was not a respite. This also serves as a slap in the face of the liberal Western world and its dubious claims of religious freedom.

Israel did not allow sacrificial animals to enter the enclave, depriving Muslims of their religious ritual of Qurbani. Eid prayers were restricted, and there were pushes and throws – it seems the tape is on repeat as the world silently watches Israel’s oppression of Palestinian Muslims for more than seven decades.

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