Court hears Nazim Jokhio murder case

KARACHI-Additional sessions judge Malir heard Nazim Jokhio murder case on Tuesday. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPA Jam Awais and eight other suspects were indicted for murdering Nazim Jokhio in a previous hearing.
Additional First Sessions Judge Malir heard a compromise petition filed by the family members of the victim. The counsels of the sides presented their arguments over the matter. The court adjourned further hearing of the case for brief interval to reserve decision on the plea.
In a previous hearing the court indicted Jam Awais and others accused of Nazim Jokhio’s murder. All eight suspects including Jam Awais pleaded not guilty in the murder. 
In October last year, the family of Nazim Jokhio accused that PPP MPA Jam Awais Gohram Jokhio and his men had allegedly tortured Nazim Jokhio to death as he tried to stop his foreign guests from illegal hunting of houbara bustards, an endangered specie, in the Memon Goth area of Karachi.
Police registered a murder case against Awais, his brother MNA Jam Kareem and others. The family of deceased Nazim Jokhio in an affidavit filed in court earlier consented to pardon accused Jam Awais and others in the high-profile murder case.
The lawyers of the accused and the family members of Nazim Jokhio submitted three separate petitions in the court. “We have forgiven Jam Awais, Mairaj, Saleem, Dodo, Soomar and Ahmed Khan,” the family wrote in the affidavit. 
“We will have no objection if the court acquits them.” “I am acquainted with the facts of the case,” affidavit of Shireen Jokhio, widow of Nazim Jokhio, read. “I have four minor children, the court declares me the head of the family,” the widow pleaded to the court.

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