Chairman CDA approves bid to start bicycling project

ISLAMABAD  -  The development work on the bicycle tracks across the capital is likely to start soon as the Chairman Capital Development Authority Captain Retired Anwar ul Haq approved the lowest bid given by M/s Railway Construction. 

After technical evaluation, the financial bids were opened in the last week of January when M/s Railway Construction was declared the 1st lowest bidder followed by M/s National Lo­gistics Cell (NLC). The engineer estimate for this project was Rs.2.4 billion and M/s Railway Construction offered to build the project in Rs.2.43 billion while M/s NLC quoted Rs.3.72 billion. 

Resultantly, the concerned committee has recommended to award said project to M/s Rail­way Construction by declaring it as 1st lowest bidder . 

Out of total amount, Rs.2.16 billion will be spent on civil works, Rs.150 million on Electric works while Rs.121 million will be spent on ancillary works. 

To get the work started on an urgent basis, the CDA had invited bids from only govern­ment companies - NLC, Frontier Work Organisation (FWO) and Rialcop. The CDA officials said FWO did not show an interest in the project. Sources informed that the Chairman CDA who is currently avoiding to take major decisions have approved the file and project would be awarded to successful bidder in coming days after which it will be mobilised. 

Once started, according to PC-I, the project will be completed in two years. The CDA’s Develop­ment Working Party approved a PC-I worth Rs2.8 billion for the said project. Under the project, the CDA will construct desig­nated lanes along Jinnah Avenue and Khayaban-i-Iqbal as well as service roads in 26 residential sectors. The civic agency will also set up 150 parking lots for bicycles and e-bikes. These park­ing lots will be outsourced and private firms will offer e-bikes to citizens on rent to ply them on the designated tracks.

“For everyday mobility, a large number of capital residents rely on public transport, such as metro and vans or ride-hailing services,” the PC-I said, add­ing the project would facilitate people who do not own vehicles by providing them with a safe, convenient and equitable com­mute option.” The PC-I stated that Islamabad was an ideal site and the first city in Pakistan with the ideal conditions for setting up cycling infrastructure. The project aims to build ridership for cycling by emphasising the convenience, time efficiency, af­fordability and health benefits of commuting via cycling.