Special ‘Pink eye’ counters set up in govt hospitals, says minister

LAHORE   -   Minister for Primary and Sec­ondary Healthcare Dr Jamal Nasir has announced estab­lishment of special Pinkeye counters in emergency wards across all government hos­pitals in a significant move to tackle the conjunctivitis outbreak. The initiative aims to separate Pinkeye patients from others while ensuring they receive prompt medical attention. In a statement is­sued here on Sunday, Dr. Nasir emphasised the importance of not unnecessarily sending Pinkeye patients to the out­patient department (OPD) to protect other patients. In­stead, complete medical care and necessary medications would be provided at these dedicated Pinkeye counters, along with thorough instruc­tions on precautionary mea­sures. He expressed optimism that the diligent implemen­tation of the precautions by citizens would lead to even­tual eradication of conjunc­tivitis. Notably, he attributed a noticeable decrease in eye infection cases to the recent decision by Punjab Chief Min­ister Mohsin Naqvi to tempo­rarily close schools in Punjab for four days. Furthermore, Dr. Nasir stressed the efficient utilisation of resources in dengue wards.