Modi a war criminal under Rome convention

Modi is the only a world leader who rose from the title of being a wanted criminal to darling PM of the West.
I had my first encounter when I went to India on my official visit and I faced RSS & RAW influenced journalist who demanded that I should have travelled with an apology on the killing of a Captain of Indian Army. I had given a befitting response which was not liked by then CM Narendra Modi who addressed- me as Viceroy of India.
This semi joker CM drew my attention with that and he came under my Radar after which my interest unveiled the real Modi. Over the passage of time, I have been giving a number of predictions regarding ill motives of PM Narendra Modi, his party and RSS against Muslims of India and Kashmir.
It was the same time when the people of India declared him as butcher of Gujrat. He started coming into the limelight when he was nominated as a candidate of PM’s position by BJP. His political rise stands dedicated to RSS as a trained extremist of RSS.
He learnt there the off twisting arm and blackmailing techniques. I have written details of his rise with militant backgrounds in my book Modi’s War doctrine. His extremists mindset has led him to commit inhuman acts and he has emerged as chief of extremism. I am going to add below the details of the charge sheet legally fit for his trial as war criminal presented by me.
I had earlier served a charge sheet to PM Modi via Indian High Commission for his brutalities which Indian forces are committing. I sent its copy to UNO with the request to take up the notice of human rights violations in Kashmir and asked them to refer the case to International Criminal Court (ICC) but so far no action has been taken.
I had mentioned about all the atrocities committed by Modi and Indian army against innocent Kashmiris. In my charge sheet, I had directly called Mr. Narendra Modi out for his every single misdeed as follows to be treated as final charge sheet with additional material.
• All the mass murders, mass blinding, enforced disappearances, torture, rapes, political repression and suppression of freedom of speech of Kashmiris committed by PM Modi
• Violation of all the global treaties by not allowing the human rights bodies to access Kashmir to cover the gross violation of Human Rights.
• Modi is an internationally declared terrorist as he was publically appeared in ‘Top Ten Criminals’ and for that very reason he remained banned from travelling to the United States of America under the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) provision of US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for a decade for his role in killing hundreds of Muslims in Gujrat.
• He is an active member of RSS (a Terrorist organization), which has been involved in the massacre of Muslims since its inception. Alone, since January 1989 till 31st January 2018, 94,644 innocent Kashmiris have been killed, 7, 099 were killed in custody, 11,042 women were gang-raped and 7, 485 were injured by pellets. Major above sufferings are during the premiership of Modi.
• Section 370 & Section 35 A has been scraped with the ill motives to get RSS trained families in Kashmir by allotting lands and houses to them in Kashmir so that the Muslims living there can be reduced as a minority, which is the utter violation of their rights.
• ‘RSS’ is an anti-Muslim organization whose only intention is to kill Muslims until India is left with only Hindus residing in it. It’s the same organization that killed Mahatma Gandhi as it was against the creation of a separate homeland for Muslims.
• PM Narendra Modi and RSS have been involved in all incidents of mass murders of Muslims i.e. Massacre of Muslims in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the demolishing of Babri Masjid, incidents of Malagaon and Samjhota Express and now the same is being replicated in Kashmir.
• PM Modi increased the number of troops in Kashmir to the level of above 700,000 to ruin the peace of innocent Kashmiris who are struggling for their rights as per the resolution of UNSC dated April 21, 1948.
• Even the international community has termed the use of pellet guns against innocent Kashmiris by Indian Army as first mass blinding in human history yet Narendra Modi feels no remorse for ordering it.
• Narendra Modi and RSS are unleashing their actual motive of ethnic cleansing of Muslim majority in Kashmir; by mass murdering Muslims and violating all human rights having no respect for human dignity and honor. According to Akhand Hindustan Morcha (an extremist organization), there will be no Muslim / Christian/ Sikh left in India by 2035 and PM Modi has undertaken this task with full support to this move from extremists.
• The High Commissioner for Human Rights United Nations to constitute a high powered Commission to frame this charge sheet on the violation by PM Modi and Prosecute Modi under war crime of Rome convention
• PM Modi is a terrorist financer as he authorized Kulbhushan Yadav to spy on us and undertake terrorist activities in Pakistan.
Modi’s crimes and evidence fulfil the criteria of being called a criminal of war under Rome convention. The Rome Statute is an agreement which offered ground for the establishment of the International Criminal (ICC). The Roma Statute was approved in Rome, Italy on July 1, 1998 and it came into effect from July 2002. The Court was established to investigate, prosecute and try individuals accused of committing the most serious crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes etc.
Under the Rome Statute, every accused is guaranteed the highest standards of fair trial until proven guilty. Also a person cannot be tried again for a crime for which he or she has already been convicted. The Court can also exclude the accused from criminal responsibility if that person is suffering from a mental disease or was in a state of unwanted intoxication at the time he committed the very crime.
After a fair trial if the accused if proven to have committed the crime in all consciousness while committing it, he or she can be sentenced to life imprisonment. The Court plans to have pre-trial detention facilities in The Hague. The enforcement of a sentence of imprisonment in the host State is subject to the supervision of the Court. The execution of the sentence is carried out in accordance with international standards governing treatment and rights of prisoners.
The overwhelming evidence of brutalities on people of Kashmir is itself a testimony of his war crimes. Today all the facts I mentioned and all the predictions I had made in my book and the articles regarding this PM Modi and time has proven it to be true.
In my book “Modi’s War Doctrine” I had also predicted before Indian elections that Modi will go some extra miles to garner votes and support from his people by inciting hate against Pakistan as well as the Muslims and the world saw how he did he achieved his election victory through self-generated act of Pulwama.
Once again I call upon the government to follow the following course of action to get 370 and 35A blocked by launching the following action before the international competent authorities:
1. Violation of UN charter of its own resolution. I understand that the dovernmnt has decided to move but it must create lobby friendly countries to create strong voices to back the point view of Pakistan & Kashmiris in the UNO session.
2. Move the matter under Vienna convention / Geneva Convention - Gross violation of Human Rights as per its own findings and insist for legal action beyond media condemnation.
3. Rome convention - PM Modi can be tried under war criminals act as per my above charge sheet as it legally fit charge to drag PM Modi under Rome convention as explained above. There is an ample amount of irrefutable evidence against the butcher of Gujrat, PM Modi.
My charge sheet has already been published in local and international media including my book “Modi‘s War Doctrine. Modi has never denied these charges publicly and I will fully assist the government in this process as I possess the whole lot of evidence against him.

The writer is a PPP Senator, former Interior Minister of Pakistan, and Chairman of think tank “Global Eye” and Senate Standing Committee on Interior. 

He can be reached at:, Twitter @Senrehmanmalik