PTI leaders arrested during Karachi rally get bail

KARACHI   -   PTI Sindh chapter said on Monday that the party leaders and workers arrested during a rally in Korangi area of Karachi were presented in the City Court before the Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate, Karachi East, where they were granted bail.

According to a PTI Sindh statement on Monday, PTI Sindh Additional General Secretary Rizwan Niazi, Karachi General Secretary Arslan Khalid, Wali Mugheri, Sultan Rehmat, Abdul Qadeer, and nine other workers were arrested previous night during the rally in Korangi, who have obtained the bail. An FIR was registered against them at the Korangi police station, including charges of a police encounter and other offenses. Prominent PTI figures, including PTI Sindh President Haleem Adil Sheikh, Karachi President Raja Azhar, former MNA Faheem Khan, PTI leader Jamal Siddiqui, Advocate Zahoor Mehsud, Advocate Nazir Mehsud, Advocate Muhammad Ashraf Samoo, Advocate Shujaat Ali Khan, and others attended the court proceedings.

The case was pursued by PTI Sindh leaders Advocate Muhammad Ashraf Samoo, Advocate Abdul Jaleel Marwat, Advocate Khan Zaman Khattak, Advocate Shujaat Khan, and other ILF lawyers. The court granted bail to the PTI leaders due to insufficient evidence presented by the police, setting a bond of ten thousand rupees each.

In a media briefing at the court, PTI Sindh President Haleem Adil Sheikh asserted that justice always prevails. He condemned the false FIRs and arrests made by the police, expressing hope for justice from the courts. He emphasised that the bail grant was a victory for justice. Sheikh highlighted that PTI Chairman Imran Khan is imprisoned for the nation’s cause, and the entire nation desires his release and leadership. Sheikh criticised the current government, accusing it of stealing PTI’s mandate in the 2024 general elections through conspiracies and seating defeated candidates in the assemblies. He lamented the state of law and order in Karachi, citing over 80 killings during robberies this year, and accused the police of prioritising the arrest of PTI workers over tackling crime. He denounced the PPP-led government in Sindh as a civilian dictatorship, accusing it of corruption and failing to provide basic amenities to the public.

Sheikh criticised the PPP’s governance in Sindh, alleging that the departments were under a corrupt system where ministers who engaged in more corruption were given higher positions. He predicted the imminent end of the PPP’s rule in Sindh, expressing confidence that the PTI would soon form the government in the province.

Sheikh stated that Pakistan was being ridiculed worldwide, claiming that the country had been turned into a banana republic where neither the constitution was upheld nor the rule of law respected. He asserted that those acts of oppression, coercion, and false imprisonments could not diminish their resolve, and their protest movement would continue until Imran Khan was released. PTI Karachi President Raja Azhar reaffirmed the peaceful nature of the Korangi rally and condemned the police for their violence and false charges. He celebrated the bail as a triumph of justice and vowed to continue their peaceful protests until Imran Khan is released. Azhar urged an end to the oppression faced by PTI members, asserting that their peaceful movement will persist until Imran Khan’s freedom is secured. After his release, PTI Sindh’s Additional General Secretary Rizwan Niazi thanked God and the court for granting bail. He condemned the police actions as excessive and fabricated, vowing to continue their protest for Imran Khan’s release.

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